Environmentally Friendly

The High Country Conference Center Flagstaff is focused on making the smallest carbon footprint possible by implementing a variety of sustainable strategies. We track our Energy usage monthly through the EnergyStar™ Building Program and actively try to reduce electricity use through compact florescent bulbs and motion censored timed light fixtures. Also, our reflective roof and passive solar windows reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling the building – thus lowering our carbon footprint.

Low flow faucets, water-free urinals and high-efficiency toilets dramatically reduce our water consumption year after year. And by eliminating bottled water and replacing it with reusable filtered water dispensers High Country has kept more than 8,000 plastic water bottles out of Flagstaff landfills.

IACC Certified – Quality Assured

About the IACC code of Sustainability

Signing the Code of Sustainability demonstrates a level of commitment that far surpasses the adoption of most “green practices.” Rather, it is an affirmation that the property is actively engaged in a holistic endeavor that is woven into the fabric of the organization from top to bottom. In addition to doing what’s right for the environment, those that have signed the code realize the three-fold benefits of being a sustainable property: environmental, social and economic.